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Sweet Roots Manitoba is a BIPOC led cultural events organization dedicated to fundraising for women who have experienced domestic violence. Born from the legacy of Full Blüm Arts & Music, Sweet Roots aims to create culturally rich and uplifting spaces through meaningful events and initiatives.

Our mission is to host fundraising events that provide essential support for members of the community who have experienced hardships. We believe in the power of community, music and the strength of collective action to bring about positive change.

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An annual fundraising event in collaboration with Sweet Roots Manitoba. This fall, immerse yourself in a weekend of music, dancing, and heartfelt connections as we celebrate the enduring spirit of the Full Blüm community. Looking ahead, our goal is for the Full Blüm Reunion to continue as a major fundraising effort for Sweet Roots Manitoba.


Join us in Whitemouth, MB, on September 14th & 15th, and be a part of a meaningful journey towards community empowerment and support for those in need.


Full Blüm, a non-profit arts organization, began in 2017, producing monthly concerts that attracted thousands of attendees, known for their unique themes, vibrant music, live performances, and the unparalleled energy of a close-knit community. Beyond music, Full Blüm coordinated initiatives to grow food for single mothers, led community clean-ups, hosted city bike jams, and organized wilderness canoe trips. In partnership with Habitat Arts Collective, they also hosted art exhibitions and immersive events, and successfully organized rural festivals and retreats that showcased world-class music, art, community, and wellness.

Through all of this, Full Blüm was driven entirely by volunteers, with one person dedicating their full-time efforts to making it all happen. The pandemic imposed additional strain, and with limited resources, the project struggled to recover, leading to the cancellation of many beloved programs and initiatives. This left the Full Blüm community underserved and with unsettled financial debts.

The Full Blüm project has been leading fundraising initiatives for single mothers and those I need since 2017. 

A New Beginning:

After a much-needed break, the Full Blüm team, in partnership with our new parent organization, Sweet Roots Collective, is making a return with a renewed focus on raising funds for those in need. Sweet Roots Manitoba is dedicated to hosting events that support women who have experienced domestic violence, and the Full Blüm Reunion is our flagship effort to revive and sustain this mission.

Sweet Roots is passionate about this cause as it has been a lived experience for some of its core community members & leadership. 


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