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Garden Within is a holistic & alternative wellness practice that focuses on the spiritual and mental aspects of health & well-being.


Through this practice, Jordan Voth offers sound therapy and energy healing sessions, providing you with a time & space to care for your energy.

Jordan is a 2nd generation sound healer who is passionate about sharing his unique gifts with others, and serving the community. Dedicated to raising the collective, he has spent the past decade using sound to influence positive change on a large scale while also studying advanced & ancient healing techniques. Through his music, Jordan has a particular ability to activate others towards a new energy and culture around spirituality. In his sessions, Jordan creates a space for new & empowering perspectives that help you align with your life's purpose. 


Self-care is an important part of wellness in today's evolving world. Working with Jordan, you can find support in raising, balancing and clearing your energy, to create more peace & harmony in your inner and outter world. 

Join us, on a path of self discovery and growth as we tend to our Garden Within.

Garden Within


Garden Within represents the wellness pillar of the Full Blüm Arts & Music project. Here we focus on developing the self, to bring about more peace and harmony into our individual lives, and as such, the world around us. Healing is an art form, an ancient practice that is understood by those who remember where we come from and strive to gather all our forgotten pieces to once again become whole.

Jordan Voth is the channel for these practices within this pillar. Practices and modalities that have been handed down through the lineage of King Solomon through the Modern Mystery School of Canada. Here, Jordan has studied, practiced and explored many ancient traditions and gathered valuable tools to bring more light into his life to share with others. 

With a long history of community development through music and the arts, his practice has deepened to heal ancestral trauma, clear old patterns and conditionings, dissolve limiting beliefs and empower others to unlock their innate human potential.

With Jordans natural ability to use sound and music to unlock and activate the light within himself and others. He is proud to share his practice of using energy, vibration and frequency to guide others along a path, where we can all begin to Garden Within. 

My Story 

As a festival director and community developer I dedicate most of my time and energy to supporting the collective consciousness through music, sound, art, connection and culture. After traveling to many countries around the world, I value sharing the culture that has inspired me along my journey, bringing my experinces home to share with the community in empowering, inspiring and uplifting ways. As a student of metaphysics and spirituality I use my gifts, experiences and passions to enrich my life and the lives of others through self-development, community development and culture. Leaving the world better than the way I found it.  

My first passion has always been music and it's ability to bring people together in positive and healing ways. Every day for me is about healing and sharing fruits of my journey with others.

Life Outside My Practice

I live a very active and vibrant lifestyle full of outdoor adventures such as canoe trips, mountain climbing, camping, visiting global festivals and unique countries like Syria, Vietnam, Costa Rica, Isreal, Jamaica and Thailand to name a few..

I am invloved in directing serveral community initiatives and projects like community gardening, trash clean-ups, outdoor activities like biking and canoeing, as well as hosting many different types of events and unique gatherings. 



I specialize in helping others find their passion and purpose in life. Offering new persepctives to help others feel empowered to move closer to their dreams. As a healer I specialize in activating our human potential and creating transformational spaces. 

As a coach I am skilled in branding heart centered businesses and progressive movements. 

As an empath I am able to deeply connect with others and understand their struggles and potentials, which make it easy for me to offer guidance and support to those on a spiritual path of self exploration in an ever changing world.


My clients are curious, compassionate and adventurous to find a deeper meaning to life and a better understanding of life and their true essence. My clients are often gifted individuals with abilities and sensitivities that create a life full of self exploration, self care and love. These unique gifts are often powerful and misunderstood and can be burdening to those without the guidance that healers like myself can offer.

My clients are wonderful to work with and are passionate about self development, inner-peace and creating more harmony in the world around them. 

I love connecting with like-minded and gifted individuals who honour their journey through life with fulfillng experiences, love and hope for a brighter future. 




Certified Energy Healer of the Modern Mystery School of Canada

Certified Sound Healer of the Sound Healing Academy

Event Coordination

Community Development


Sound Therapy

Sacred Geometry Healings

Sacred Spaces

Spiritual Guidanc

Education and Certifications

The Modern Mystery School International 2017 - Present

Certified Crystal Healer

Certified Egyptian Aura Healer 

Sacred Geometry I - The energy and theory of the 3 basic geometries
Sacred Geometry II - Crystal healing techniques and crystal grids
Sacred Geometry III - Developing the Aura and healing techniques
Sacred Geometry IV - Alchemizing and transforming space for greater light
Spiritual Intuition I & II - Understanding our senses and psychic abilities
Astral Travel - Expanding consciousness, travelling outside the realms of the physical reality
Sanctuary Meditation - Reaching the realm of our own spiritual sanctuary for guidance
Kabbalah: Understanding the Mind of God - Inner child work & metaphysical psychcology

Galactic Activation - Living in a new way in order to become a different kind of human

Spirits of the Journey - Opening up the gateways to ascending through the spiritual dimensions
12 Root Races - Re-building harmonious and empowering relationships between all 12 Magikal Races of Earth.

Sound Healing Academy International 2020 - Present

Integral Sound Healing

Westgate Mennonite Collegiate 2003 - 2008

World Religions

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