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Thu, Jun 30


Location is TBD


A tribal canoe journey - to connect in ceremony with mother nature and the four elements.

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Time & Location

Jun 30, 2022, 8:00 AM – Jul 04, 2022, 8:00 PM

Location is TBD

About the Event

Turtle Waters 2022

June 30th - July 4th

Location TBD

$45 Deposit to reserve your spot

A 5 day canoe trip guided by Peter Chadwick & Jordan Voth into the secluded wilderness of the Whiteshell. On this trip we will spend 4 days paddling, portaging and camping deep into the bush where we will then set up camp for one night to hold a tribal community ceremony. Here in the heart of nature we stregthen our connection to the land, the elements and each other. We will also have a canoe steering workshop as well as shared meals and camping activities. After we have soaked up as much secluded nature as possible where we will then begin our return back to bring this transformational experience into our daily lifestyle. 

This trip will challenge and inspire you both mentally, spiritually and physically. Its an activity that has changed peoples lives and helped others feel more confident in the outdoors as we travel the way our ancestors may have travelled across the land by her ancient veins. 


Reservation Deposit - $45

Your deposit tentatively reserves your spot to join this years wilderness adventure - dependant on acceptance of application. 

17 spots avilable

*see details below



Return paddlers - $180 (10 spots available) w/ 2021 testimonial

New paddlers - $222 (8 spots available)

*Deposit not included in this price

RENTALS (additional costs)

Canoe Rental - $100 per person

(Cost per person) 

Canoe will be picked up and rented for you - as well as transported to the destination. Paddles and life jacket included*

Bringing your own canoe?

Canoe Transportation $60 (we encourage you to bring your own canoe if you have access to one)

*If you cannot afford a canoe rental - we may be able to provide you with a canoe! 


• Shared Dinners provided by your guides

• Guided 5 Day Canoe Tour of Manitoba/Ontario Water Ways

• Transportation Car Pool to Lake launch point

• Plant Medicine Ceremony

• Canoe Trip Planning & Preparation Tutorials  

• A transformational experience that will change your life!



Pay your deposit by purchasing a deposit pass on this event page


Submit application form (deposit required to apply) by May 27th *see link above


Once your application has been accepted - purchase your experience pass

(deposits will be returned/refunded to those who were not accepted)

*Acceptance letters will be sent May 30th

STEP 4: 

Canoe rentals and all other costs are due before June 17th


Applications will be processed by May 30th and we will contact you then to let you know if you've been accepted to join us for this years trip! This screening process is in place to ensure we have a safe and successful group dynamic.

More details about the trip will be announced once group has been selected. 


"When I signed up for the 2020 bear waters canoe tour, I had never even touched a canoe before...

The facilitators were AMAZING. They were so accommodating, experienced, and kind. They made me feel safe and they made the trip sooo FUN!

That canoe trip changed my life. I talk about it ALL THE TIME to anyone who will listen. I feel more confident and capable in nature, more connected to the land and water, and those people feel like a family to me now.

I LOVE canoeing and will definitely go back.” - Jasmine

“Bear Waters 2020 was the best canoe trip I've ever been on! Having our guides take care of the organization, routing, and navigation allowed the participants the space and freedom to truly sink into the experience and get the most out of it. From long days out out on the water moving through beautiful scenery, to cooking communal meals at our campsites, the vibes were always A1 and there was this perpetual sense of peace and tranquility only felt in complete immersion in nature. The expertise of the guides allowed for this trip to be perfectly accessible to the first-timer, as well as challenging enough to keep the more advanced campers engaged. I left Bear Waters 2020 with a renewed appreciation for life, the great outdoors, community and an overwhelming sense of fulfilment.” - Matt

“When I think of the Bear Waters Canoe Tour in July of 2020, I’m instantly transported to a place of relaxation, peace and education. There are so many aspects and people that made this trip such a memorable experience. One of which being our two wonderful guides that mapped out the perfect route for us to take, and made sure everyone was comfortable, happy, and safe. Having this facilitation already planned made the trip stress-free and allowed all of my attention to stay in the present moment. The route spanned from rock tunnels with flying bats, to a short and rocky portage, to narrow grassy marshes filled with growing wild rice. A final aspect of the trip that left a lasting imprint on me, was the plant medicine ceremony. This was a very special night in many ways, but it really started with everyone communally cooking a large  nutritious meal; nothing cultivates that community vibe better than preparing and sharing a meal together. The ceremony itself was gentle and intimate as everyone shared their intention or things they wanted to release or channel. Additionally, this was my first ceremony of this kind and I felt honoured to be apart of it. As the night flowed, so did the dancing, laughter, connections and yoga. All in all, my four days spent on the 2020 Bear Waters Canoe Tour, were nothing short of sacred.” - Taylor

“Whatever it was I needed last year, I got on that canoe trip.

I'm still not 100% sure what it was, but my goal is to figure it out.

Maybe it was the long aerobic exercise, or the serotonin produced from an awesome like-minded community. It could have been the extended meditative state from paddling, or the clean food, or the many hours in the sun. Maybe it was a dopamine rebalancing from being away from the city.

Whatever it was, I found myself effortlessly inlined with my goals and aspirations for months after returning. I think it goes without saying that I’m really looking forward to going back.” - Thomas

“Last year I embarked on my first ever 4-day canoe trip with Full Blüm / Younity Functions.

Jordan and Peter were our guides on this magical journey, each of them offering their own gifts and expertise to create a holistic, sustainable and nature-immersive experience. They brought together a community of 18 people and taught us how to work together as one, our spirits were always high, we laughed, we danced, we shared meals and stories together and we swam in the beautiful water for days.

Because of the preparation and organization done by our guides, we were all properly prepared for the experience, we were kept safe and protected from the elements.

The energy of this trip was immaculate and unlike anything you will have done before, if you are considering coming next year don’t even think twice! You’ll have the experience of a life time.” - Jordyn

"Last year was my first canoe journey with Younity Functions, and my first canoe journey ever. This journey was easily the highlight of 2021 for me, and I see that the following canoe trips will too be great highlights for years to come. It was truly nourishing for my mind, body and soul taking part on a 5 day canoe journey with community, friends, the sacred rivers, forests, open skies and sunshine. Spending 4 days rhythmically paddling was surely an incredible meditation, it had my mind fine-tuned to a frequency of great sharpness, clarity, stillness and focus. This, along with the sun steadily charging my body and the many dips in the water, proved to be very healing for me on a soul-deep level. It felt like one of the most natural ways for me to live. I felt as though I was completely immersed in the world of nature, as if city-life didn’t even exist beyond the range of our adventure, and this was such a refreshing, rejuvenating feeling. What a retreat! Thank you Jordan & Peter for all of the energy, love and dedication you put into these events, and for the opportunity of this experience! See you for Turtle Waters 2022!" - Christian



    This application / deposit reserves your spot at this years canoe trip. Once your deposit is made you will need to submit an application form to be accepted onto the trip. If your application is not accepted, your deposit will be refunded. Once your application is accepted you will be able to purchase your 2022 Turtle Waters Experience

    +CA$1.13 service fee
    Sale ended

    If you have joined this experience in the past you are eligible for this discounted rate. Includes: • 1 Meal per day • Guided experience • Packing list and tutorial • Plant medicine ceremony

    +CA$4.50 service fee
    Sale ended

    This ticket tier is for first time paddlers. Includes: • 1 Meal per day • Guided experience • Packing list and tutorial • Plant medicine ceremony

    +CA$5.55 service fee
    Sale ended

    (Cost per person) Canoe will be picked up and rented for you - as well as transported to the destination. Paddles and life jacket included

    Sale ended



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