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Full Blüm & Garden Within present

Nourish New Years Wellness Retreat

Dec 31st - Jan 2nd

Nourishing our mind, body and spirit in a space of wellness and community.


Join us for a special weekend of music, movement and magic. A weekend to connect and grow, cultivating cellular nourishment and inner peace.


New Years Day is where the real magic happens..

Often, the focus of the new year is on New Years Eve.. At this wellness retreat we aim to bring new years day, the beginning of a new year, into focus. Here, we will be starting the day with morning yoga, intention setting, journaling & meditation, sound healing and much more.


Beginning the new year in this way is inspiring, liberating and energetically empowering. A fresh start to the day with high vibes to set the tone for the rest of the year.

You can expect a day full of holistic workshops and performances, highlighting the four core pillars of the Full Blüm project. Offering you an unforgettable and impressionable way to start your year. Gathering to celebrate wellness, community and art & music.




Friday, December 31st at 5pm to Sunday, January 2nd at 2pm

at Greenview Paradise - Private Luxury Home

5mins outside the city




• Yoga & Meditation

• Intention Setting & Journaling

• Included Gourmet Vegan Meals

• Conscious Workshops

• Live Instrumental Soundscapes

• Cacao Ceremony

• Breathwork

• Live Music Performances

• Aroma Therapy

• Sound Baths & Sound Healing

• Hot Tub & Bonfires

• Ecstatic Dance & DJs

& more

• On-site Energy Healings (additional cost)

• On-site Massage Therapy (additional cost)





- 2 DAY PASS -


Saturday & Sunday Inclusive

First 5 - $144 (earlybird)

Next 10 - $162 (advance)

General - $180 (general)


• 4 Meals

• Full day & evening programming

• Overnight stay


​- 3 DAY PASS -


Friday Inclusive


(Available only with the purchase of a general pass)


• Late Dinner/Snack Bar

• Breathwork Session

• Live Music Performance by the Alchemystics

• DJ set by Jordan Voth

• Overnight stay





• Overnight stay is optional. For your overnight stay we ask that you bring a sleeping mat or air mattress, sleeping bag & pillow.

• Accommodations for this event will be slumber party style with common areas for sleeping.

• Cots can be provided at an additional cost of $33.

• Further sleeping arrangement details will be emailed to you before your stay.

Parking: Plenty of parking space will be available on-site. For more information about the home you can visit their website at



MORE DETAILS: More details will be sent via email once you have purchased your pass!



Greenview Paradise

Greenview Paradise provides you with the ultimate modern country getaway. ​A beautiful 14-acre private property featuring unique amenities and seclusion.


The Bird Feeder

Bringing elevated and nourishing vegan food the community. You can expect bold flavours and comforting dishes. We are passionate about educating people on the benefits of plant-based eating, as well as how to transition to a vegan lifestyle.



Erin O'Neil & Jordan Voth

Sound in the New Year with crystal clear intentions and soothing vibrations. Receive the healing frequencies of crystal bowls, drum, rattle, gong, chimes and flute. Plant seeds of love, peace and compassion to welcome in 2022. Join Erin and Jordan as they ring in the new year, with a Sound Journey into a new frequency. 



The Alchemystics is a special collection of sound healing artists who come together to create a complete unique and multi-instrumental sound bath experience. Meditative and hypnotic rhythms that will take you deep into the vibration of sound. 



Devla Devla

Devla Devla will be performing a collection of rhythmic song & melodic poetry (original material & reimagined covers), that have been curated with the intention of engaging in a dialogue with Anahata; the heart space from which we all find our authentic voice.


Peter Baureiss

Peter continues to practise his first childhood instrument and not-so-secret passion, Electric Guitar. He has performed his original music both locally and in the US. He is excited to provide ambient soundscapes for you to be transported by. Let him guide you to far away exotic places and deep inner transcendental journeys with his melodic original compositions that are sure to soothe your soul and embrace you with a soft blanket of sonic delight in his ~Six String Soundscape Morning Reveille~



Using the breath, this practice harnesses the bodies innate ability to heal. Breathwork is a powerful healing practice that will clear out your channels and support a stronger connection to our own spirit. 


Rachel Starbloom

A traditional weaving experience, put into action through creative ceremonial intention. As we activate our minds and hearts as well as engage our senses with cacao chocolate, power animal energies and healing gemstones— we’ll playfully tune in for crafting what is referred to as ‘God’s eye’ weaving. This simple and meditative way of weaving has long represented protection and serves as a powerful symbol linked with sensing and understanding both seen and unseen worlds.



Corey Lakusiak

Restore health, vitality and energy to the body/mind by gently awakening the spine (the central column of energy), which will enable us to expand vertically, as well as horizontally (like the branches of a tree). It is through this elongation and expansion that we will recover the youthful elasticity and suppleness that the spine provides. Suitable for beginners and those with special considerations.

You are so much more powerful than you've been lead to believe. Surrender ALL old thoughts, beliefs, programs and patterns that keep you small and expand into your birthright of your Miracle Mindedness. 

Church Candles


Dawn Smith

During the long dark months we have an opportunity to journey within the depths of who we are. But sometimes we can get cold, or stuck, or lost within the darkness. Let’s remember warmth and light as we join together as a community in a ritual and meditation lead by Dawn: Initiate, priestess, and Guardian of the Flame. In this sacred space, we will honour and ignite the fire, spark, and passion within so that we can know ourselves, keep the flame alive, and remain focused on our Vision through the cold dark time of the year.


Demetra Penner

From wild spaces and magic places, Sweet Spirit calls on the elements, the cosmos, and her inner world to weave a tapestry of etheric melodies that touch something beyond human experience. Her soulful songs are infused with the myriad, mystical wonders of nature, bringing to awareness the beautiful connectedness of the natural world and the human heart.



Jordan Voth 

Jordan has been working with music for over 10 years in many different settings. His ability to use music to bring people together in a positive way has made a heart warming impression on the communities he is involved with. At this years Nourish Retreat you can find Jordan facilitating spaces that foster a deep connection amoung his peers while offering the gift of specially curated playlists to keep your spirit vibrating high. 



Dawn Smith

Dawn is offering sessions for three healing modalities, each particularly aligned for stepping into the new year. They are specially and lovingly priced to honour this celebration our collective rebirth:


Regenerate: A mini session of Ensofic Reiki. The Ensofic Ray is the first ray of Creation. It reaches into the primordeal realm of pure potential, allowing us to truly heal, and recreate ourselves in ways that expand and evolve us beyond our limitations. 30 minutes. $35


Purify: A full and thorough cleansing of the energetic body. Includes purification by light, a cord cutting to release negative attachments and influences from external energy sources, balancing of the magnetic body to amplify our ability to attract our desires, and a ritual to attract new energy and your personal intention. 1 hour. $85


Align: Life Activation. This session awakens the spiritual DNA anchoring in the light of the higher self into the physical body so you can manifest life in alignment with your divine purpose. Includes a full energetic balancing as well as the activation. 2 hours. $150


These special rates are also available for anyone who books a session in the first week of January. To book, please contact Dawn at


Abeth Encarnacion

Healot massage therapy booking available on-site.

Give yourself the gift of touch with Healot: a wholistic wellness experience that combines the ancient traditions of massage therapy with the art of Thai Yoga Massage. Healot honours everyone’s ability to Love and is sure to nurture your innate ability to heal.


Sunday Sabbath: A playful and soothing Yoga practice that will tantalize your senses, ground your body, and uplift your spirits to soar into 2022

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