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Garden Within Wellness presents


with Jordan Voth & Erin O’Neil

At Temple23






Sunday, February 27th

Sunday, March 27th

Sunday, April 17th

Sunday, May 22nd


Featuring special guest performances by:

Demetra Penner - February

Peter Baureiss - March

Devla Devla - April

The Alchemystics - May


Nourish Sunday Sound Baths is a series of 4 monthly sound bath experiences in the heart of Winnipeg. Here we welcome those who are curious about the hidden powers of energy, frequency and vibration. A space to explore or expand your own meditation or self-care practices with the added benefits of sound healing. 


In these sound bath sessions you will experience 60mins of music being produced by sound practitioners Jordan Voth & Erin O'Neil, who channel the power of music to improve your overall health and wellbeing, including emotional, spiritual, mental and physiological.


Enjoy the sounds of 10 quartz crystal bowls, drums, flutes & more! With a combined 20+ years of experience Jordan & Erin will use a variety of acoustic instruments, that will activate, tune, and harmonize your physical, mental, and emotional state. 


This is your opportunity to explore the culture of sound healing in a warm, safe and nurturing environment.


Are you a highly sensitive person or an empath who is constantly taking on external energies? Feeling stress, anxiety, depression and other physical and emotional issues. Our core intention for this series is to provide a space for empaths to collectively clear our energy to reset, recharge and relax. It's time for highly sensitive people to come together in community to support us in developing our gifts and powers with the support of sound healing frequencies. 

Benefits of Sound Bathing:

• Deep relaxation induces a parasympathetic state

• Grounding

• Clear & balance the mind

• Co-regulate our nervous systems, strengthening our sense of safety among others.

• A relaxed nervous system helps us feel more peace, safety and calm reducing our anxious feelings of flight, fight or freeze.

• An optimal space for Empaths and HSP's to regulate the nervous system and clear energies.

• Experience harmony & peace with friends and loved ones.

• Clear any disorder, distortion or disonance in the mind, body or spirit. 

• Sound Bathing can heighten our meditation practice by opening our third eyes to allow deep spiritual journeys

• Clear out any distorted frequencies or vibrations that keep you from states of harmony or peace.  

& much much more!


Come and experience for yourself the potential sound bathing can unlock for you!


What to bring:

• Water bottle

• Journal & Pen

• Snacks

• Eye mask (if needed)


What to expect:

• Intro to sound healing

• Guest performance

• Seated yoga

• Sound bathing

• Group toning

Provided for you:
• Yoga Mat

• Blanket

• Blocks

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