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    Sound Healing Testimonials

"After my session with Jordan I felt like a new person. The sound healing completely shifted my energy. I felt calm and relaxed and more focused. Each different sound changed the way I felt. It was as if negative feelings were leaving my body. I have tried many different kinds of energy work and this one I can say is my top favourites. I would highly recommend this to anyone who wants to let more of their past go and become more of who they are truly meant to be."

— Jessica [Sound Healing]

As a sensitive empathic healer I have always been drawn to music as a way of coming back to myself after a day of clients, what Jordan provided was beyond any expectations I had. His ability to use different frequencies over different devices was like finding every different voice in my head and allowing it all to be still. The ringing and noise that was usually a constant in my mind was suddenly quiet and filled with a sense of peace. I would highly recommend this healing with Jordan to everyone, especially those who have a hard time quieting their minds as this feels like a reset of sorts to just *be*. I look forward to booking in again soon!

— Kat [Sound Healing]

"The sound healing facilitated by Jordan is profound. Everything from the sacred space created, to his grounded presence, to the sound experience itself was magical! Space was held for me to go deep within myself, and then soften into relaxation.The first time I heard Jordan play the flute, I already knew that it would be a big part of my healing journey. It truly resonates with me! I’m incredibly grateful for the opportunity to add Jordan’s offering as one of my healing tools. I definitely recommend him to anyone who wants to explore the magical realm of sound, or simply just relax and decompress!"

— Thaisa [Sound Healing]

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